Exclusive, reusable, local specials.

theRubberU is a reusable discount / rewards program that allows you to get savings continuously throughout the year at your favorite local places. Instead of using an inconvenient print off coupon that limits you to one use, theRubber provides great savings when you need them on the go.

How does it work?

Step 1:
Download App

Download theRubberU™ app on your iPhone or Android device. Browse our specials for free, and when you're ready to save, sign up for an account with the "buy" button.

Step 2:
Save Money

Check in to a participating business which will save you money, and award you points! Put the money you saved in a piggy bank, and buy yourself something nice!

Step 3:
Redeem Prizes

Use the points you've accumulated to redeem additional prizes at no additional cost. We give away concert tickets, gift certificates, bottle openers and more!

Don't own a smart phone? No problem! We also offer a rubber wristband that gives you access to all the same great specials.

Where can I use it?

Purchasing theRubber gives you access to all of the businesses that participate in our program, in all of our locations. Our markets currently include Morgantown WV, Orlando FL, Pittsburgh PA, Columbus OH, Washington DC, Big Rapids MI, and we're expanding rapidly. In fact, if you're interested in starting theRubberU in your location, shoot us a message!


Make sure you search "theRubberU" as one word. iPad users should also check that they are searching in the iPhone apps section of the App Store.

Yes! We also sell a rubber wristband that gives you all the same specials. You won't be able to accumulate points like the app users, but finding the specials on the go with our mobile website is just as fast and easy.

Contact us as soon as possible, and we'll arrange to have it replaced for free. You'll need to keep your broken rubber as a proof of purchase.

If you're using an iPhone, you may have your location services turned off. To turn them on, go to settings > Privacy > Location Services. Set Location Services to "On," and scroll down to make sure they are enabled for theRubberU app as well.

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